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Seronok rasa, apa yg dikatakan di bawah ini.. semua dilakukan oleh Cik Sofea cuma mungkin dia lakukannya lebih awal sikit kot.. seawal 9 bulan :)Alhamdulillah.. anak2 mengikut perkembangan yang sepatutnya..Sebagai seorang ibu.. setiap perubahan yang baik , yang dilakukan oleh anak2nya.. sangat membahagiakan.. ku sayang family dan anak2 ku.. Semoga Allah sentiasa melindungi dan meredhai hidup kami.. amin

Can your baby do this..
Wow! Your baby is now 10.5 months (42 weeks) old. 

By now your baby can: 
  • Recognize the person in the mirror is her

  • Be actively crawling or shuffling

  • Pull himself up to stand from sitting position while holding on to furniture or with help from someone

  • Notice other babies and their actions although their interaction skills may still be zilch right now

  • Express frustration when she/he doesn't get something she/he wants

  • Relate to the 'object permanence' concept more clearly

  • Wave bye-bye when waved at

By now your baby probably will: 
  • Begin to stand alone for a few seconds but end up losing balance and land on her bottom

  • Be cruising around the room with the help of the furniture in the house

  • Grasp simple concepts and explanations

  • Tend to become more clingy to the main caregiver

  • Love throwing things

  • Show signs of being an alert observer

  • Say the words 'mama' and 'dada' and understand the distinction

By now your baby may even: 
  • Attempt to use her own cutlery during feed times, and not just her hands

  • Start to take her first steps independently

  • Put things into containers or a bag

  • Gesture towards things that he wants

  • Copy sounds and words

  • Enjoy familiar songs and rhymes

  • Show a preference for a toy tho some kids never have particular favorites

  • Say one other word besides 'mama' and 'dada'

-Qaseh Kita-

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